Top 25 Seinfeld Episodes (25-21)

Who knew that a show about nothing could go on for 9 whole seasons, gaining much success in the process? On March 7, 2018, NewArena released their top 25 best Seinfeld episodes of all-time. Keeping this list in mind, I have decided to compose my own list of the top 25 episodes of one America’s most beloved sitcoms.


  1. The Parking Garage-Ever get annoyed in a parking lot because you cannot find your vehicle? In season 3 of Seinfeld, there is an entire episode of the four main characters being lost in a parking garage, with a strict time limit, searching for their car. They end up stranded for hours until they can locate where they parked.

  1. The Library-Late fines for a library book can add up sometimes. What about twenty years? The episode revolves around the fact that the library has no record of Jerry Seinfeld returning a book since 1971. This episode we are introduced to Mr. Bookman, the library cop, and Jerry and George Costanza’s old gym teacher, who refers to George as ‘Can’t Stand Ya!’

  1. The Switch-In the episode in season 6, Jerry is dating a girl with a dull personality who has a friend that seems to be a perfect match for him. With George’s help, Jerry spends hours trying to figure out how to leave his current girlfriend, win over her friend, and for everything to be okay during the process. This is the episode that America was also introduced to Kramer’s first name.

  1. The Gum-A series of hilarious events in this episode, including Jerry getting a pack of special Chinese gum from Lloyd Braun (Matt McCoy), George running into an old neighbor who believes him to be insane, and Elaine avoiding Braun, whom she used to date.

  1. The Junior Mint-Who could turn down a junior mint? In this episode, while watching a live operation, Jerry and Kramer accidentally drop a junior mint inside of a patient without anyone else noticing. To top it all off, Jerry has a dilemma with his girlfriend because he cannot remember her name, except for the fact that it rhymes with a female body part.



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