Top 25 Seinfeld Episodes (5-1)

  1. The Betrayal-This is the episode where the whole story is told in reverse order. When Jerry sleeps with George’s girlfriend, George wants revenge on Jerry by sleeping with Elaine. As mentioned earlier, this might be one of the most creative episodes by writers Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld by telli the whole story in reverse. This is also George’s famous line, “You can stuff your sorries in a sack, mister!”


  1. The Marine Biologist-The sea was angry that day, my friends. In this episode, George pretends to be a marine biologist to impress a girl he went to school with. Things seem to go well until, while on the beach, a whale is in desperate need for help and George is the only one who can save the day. The episode ends with one of the most famous monologues by George explaining his encounter with the whale. Kramer also plays golf on the beach.


  1. The Opposite-Ever wish that your life was the complete opposite of what it currently was? George has hit rock bottom and decides to go the complete opposite of his instincts. This results in him scoring with a beautiful girl, getting a job working with the Yankees, and ultimately finally moving out of his parents. Who knew by doing the opposite of what you usually do could result in such success (I would not advise doing this at home).


  1. The Soup Nazi-Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer are suddenly obsessed with restaurant that serves incredible soup. The only issue is that the manager is a tad eccentric with the ordering process, thus being called the ‘Soup Nazi.’ When one does not order the correct way, he is refused of his soup and as the Soup Nazi would yell out, “No Soup For You!”


  1. The Contest-After being caught by his mother for ‘treating his body like an amusement park’, George is utterly humiliated. The gang then decides to make a bet of who can go the longest without…you know. In a hilarious episode of different spoofs, they all realize hard it is not to go with the urge of temptation. According TV Guide (2009 edition), this is the #1 episode of any sitcom of all time.

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