Vas Kouzina Greek Restaurant = Genuinely Underrated Delight

I have found my new favorite restaurant in Atlanta.

Vas Kouzina opened last Tuesday in historic downtown Roswell. Since on Saturday I was in the area visiting with my friend, we decided to give it a chance when we saw their sign on Alpharetta Street.

Upon approaching Vas Kouzina, I was instantly in love with the décor. The restaurant was painted white and light blue aesthetically recalling the houses on the Greek coast and, for me, on the French coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Inside, the light blue and white painting continued. The walls were sparsely yet tastefully decorated with some pictures, memorabilia of Greek culture, and my favorite, a wire sculpture of an octopus holding glasses of wine on the ceiling. It was simple but charming, perfect for the small size of the restaurant.

Once my friend and I read the menu and discovered that the prices were low enough for us to afford, we picked out a table with two chairs in the main dining area. The furniture was simple, unvarnished wood that complemented the restaurant’s Mediterranean style. The same could be said of the furniture in the outside dining area that we opted out of because of the heat, insects, and the possible rain.

The waitress who served us was competent and very personable. We found ourselves talking about our studying abroad experiences in France with her among other things, but she was never delayed in refilling our green glass water bottle or by bringing us our food. The other staff was just as friendly and just as quick. We were sure to leave her a good tip when we left.

She explained to us that the food was served Greek style, meaning that the food was meant to be shared and would be brought out in the order it was done, so my friend and I decided on sharing a tray of fried feta cheese balls and moussaka.

The food was brought out surprisingly quickly. It was there before I even returned from my bathroom break.

The four feta cheese balls came out first. The crust outside was crusty and warm while the feta cheese inside was fresh and cool. The two feta cheese balls I had were a pleasantly tasty snack. The olives served with it were even better. They were the right kind of juicy and slightly bitter, the way they would be prepared in France.

The main entrée was smaller than I expected but oddly filling. My first moussaka was rich in ingredients that made it this way and gave it extra flavor, although admittedly a bit light on the spices that could have given it an extra zing. It was a delicious dish that I would love to eat again.

My friend and I split the bill which amounted to less than $12 each, an unbelievably cheap price for the authentic Greek experience we received. Once we paid our bill, we were given a to-go bowl of small Greek pastries in honor of Vas Kouzina’s opening week that we ate right up.

Overall, the experience was marvelous. We got a genuine, authentic taste of Greece without having to pay the big bucks. If you want good food on a budget in a laidback, classy setting, I can’t think of anywhere better.

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