Video Game Confessions: I Used to Love “Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)”

My Mom bought this Sonic game from Sam’s when I was in high school after I finally got my PlayStation 3 as a Christmas present. It was before I was connected to Deviant Art and before I truly got into gaming and geek culture, so I had no idea how reviled “Sonic the Hedgehog” was by the gaming community.

For me and my little sister who was in elementary school at the time, “Sonic” was our first adventure into gaming. We had no idea it was a bad game. Looking back, I can see it now. I remember the graphics that weren’t that great, the extremely difficult controls, and weird glitches. We never did complete the game. It was that hard, but I had always chalked it up to our slow skills.

Nevertheless, for me and my little sister, it was a bonding experience. We used to stay up late at night watching episodes of the “Sonic X” cartoon on YouTube, and we used to spend hours playing “Sonic” together. It was what we did for fun.

The glitches were annoying, but we still had fun together. We laughed through the pain and enjoyed each other’s company. I wish I could have recorded some of the conversations we had while playing. They were comedic gold.

There was one at a certain part of the game where we had to fight a giant monster I remember particularly well. Instead of taking it seriously, I gave the monster and all the characters Russian accents for no reason. My sister followed suit. It was dumb but ridiculously funny.

It is for these reasons that I look back on “Sonic (2006)” with fond memories. All the time my sister and I spent bonding is the reason we’re so close despite our nine-year age difference. So, hate on me if you want, but that trash was our treasure.

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