H.R. 4760: Securing America’s Future Act

First, you need to know that it didn’t pass when voted on in the House last week.

But if it did, according to Congressman Hice’s email update, it would have incorporated “commonsense proposals and comprehensive solutions to the many pervasive and long-term immigration problems facing our country.”

Specifically, the bill would have:
• Provided an indefinitely-renewable legal nonimmigrant status for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients, with no special path to citizenship;
• Authorized funds for the border wall and for adding thousands of border patrol agents;
• Combatted asylum fraud loopholes;
• Mandated the use of national e-verify;
• Defunded dangerous sanctuary cities;
• Prevented family separations under Department of Homeland Security custody;
• Ended chain migration and the diversity lottery program; and
• Moved to a merit-based immigration system.

This piece of legislation was voted down by a vote of 231 to 193. According to Rep. Hice, it failed because “not a single Democrat could reach across the aisle to support these much-needed reforms.”

For now, Rep. Hice has put up a survey on his government page to receive input from his constituents for how to address immigration reform. You can find that survey here.

He also said in his email that as a nation we ought to show that “we will enforce our laws, strengthen our border security, and keep families together, while demonstrating the compassion that is integral to our Nation’s history and culture” while pursuing immigration reform.

Whether the House of Representatives can pass a feasible plan for doing so that both parties agree upon remains to be seen.

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