What You Need to Know to Be an Extra in Clint Eastwood’s Movie

It’s official. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Clint Eastwood is casting extras from Augusta, Georgia, to be in his new movie “The Mule,” a movie based on a true story about a 90-year-old World War II veteran who became a drug mule for a Cartel.

Filming will take place in Augusta from June 4-12 on weekdays only, no weekends. Each day will be about 10-12 hours long, so if you’re interested, your schedule will have to be completely open.

The pay will be $72 an hour with overtime after eight hours unless you’re the featured Asian family, in which case you will be paid $90 for eight hours. If you have a car, your pay will be bumped up by $25.

The roles are for the following (all ethnicities):
• Featured Asian family – age 18-60
• Horticulture convention-goers – age 45-75
• Hotel staff (front desk, valets, bellhops) – age 21-50
• Beauty school graduate types – age 20-30
• Wedding party-goers – age 18-75
• Bridesmaids and groomsmen – 18-35
• Real DJ with equipment – age 25-50
• People with cars – age 18 and over and with cars from 1995-2005
• People with cars – age 18 and over with cars from current years

If you want to be in this movie, you must:
• Send an e-mail to projects2@tscasting.com and put “AUGUSTA” in the subject line.
• Include current, clear non-professional photos – one from the chest up and one from the knees up (fully body). Look the part of the role you’re submitting for and include one smiling and one non-smiling (with a pleasant or intelligent expression) photo. Selfies are OK but don’t show just your head or take them from a strange angle.
• List your first and last name, phone number(s), city and state where you live, email address, age, ethnicity, height, and weight. Also include your sizes (men: jacket, neck, sleeve, waist, inseam, and shoe; women: dress, bust/bra/cup, waist, and shoe).
• Include your car’s year, color, make and model. If you have experience on set or acting, include details or attach a resume. It’s not required but is helpful to know.
• If you don’t live in the Augusta area and are willing to work there as a local hire (no gas bump, etc.), put “AUGUSTA OK” under your stats. You must be local to the greater Augusta area or willing to work as a local hire.

Auditions are open now. There’s no word on how many extras Eastwood needs, but it’s still a good idea to get on it before this opportunity is gone.

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