Why Ringo Starr Deserves Our Respect

Ringo Starr was the Beatles’ drummer.  He was brought in to replace Pete Best since he was the superior drummer.  He started out as just their drummer whose unique drumming style helped shape the Beatles’ music but grew to have a larger role in the group as the level head and peacemaker in between the big egos.  So, why does Ringo Starr get no respect?

It ultimately comes down to misunderstandings.

People think Ringo contributed nothing to the group personality-wise.  That is not true.  Ringo really was the group peacemaker.  Many days, it was Ringo who would talk to the others and help them resolve their disputes.  It was Ringo who managed to remain friends with everyone after the Beatles’ break-up.  Arguably, it was because of him that the Beatles remained together for as long as they did.  Without Ringo, Paul and John’s egos would have broken the group apart long ago.

People also think that Ringo was a bad drummer.  That is also not true.  People attribute that to a quote from John Lennon that Ringo “was not even the best drummer in the Beatles.”  People miss that that quote was a joke.  Lennon went on to say “Ringo was a damn good drummer.”  Other people say that because Paul McCartney covered for RIngo he must have had to do it all the time.  That is also not true.  Paul covered for Ringo only several times when he was not available or when he was so mad at everyone’s immaturity that he stormed off.

Furthermore, Ringo’s drumming style contributed to the Beatles’ sound.  He was a left-handed drummer playing on a right-handed drum set.  I am not savvy enough about drumming to go into technical detail, but Ringo’s different tempo style set the Beatle’s sound apart, and thus, set their music apart.  The Beatles’ music would not be what it is without Ringo.

In conclusion, prejudice has a tendency to get the better of us.  The only way to fight the bigotry is with the truth, so see the truth, my fellow humans, and let your prejudice be washed away.  Ringo Starr deserves to be honored with the rest of the Beatles.

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